Box Conversion Kit

PetTech Box Conversion Kit – Convert Double Box to Two Single Boxes. Our Conversion Kits includes a back wall, front wall with 3-tier adjustable height and solid front door. Available in 3 different sizes.

From: $239.00 USD

Transform your PetTech Double Whelping Box into two separate Single Boxes with our Conversion Kit.

The PetTech Whelping Box Conversion Kit offers a simple and efficient solution to divide your Double Box into two independent Single Boxes. Ideal for managing space and adapting to the changing needs of your breeding program, this kit includes all necessary components: a sturdy back wall and a front wall equipped with a 3-tier height adjustable door for secure, customizable containment.

Whether you’re expanding your breeding program or have two litters at the same time, this kit can be ordered alongside a new box or added later, ensuring your setup grows with your needs.

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Food-Grade HDPE 2 Plastic



Box Size

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Warranty: 24 months

  • Full 5 -Year Warranty
  • Easy to Clean & Disinfect
  • Simple & Fast Set-Up & Collapsible in Seconds
  • Easy to Store
  • Rock Solid, Durable Material
  • 100% Canadian-Made & Hand-Crafted
  • Recycled, Food-Grade Material
  • Smooth Edges & Welded Joints for a Safe Environment