Nesting Boxes

Ensure your mother to be feels comfortable, protected, and secure while birthing and nursing her kittens in a PetTech Solutions Nesting or ‘Queening’ box.
A comfortable, secure, reusable, and completely leak-proof nesting box to keep queens and kittens safe, while protecting your floors.
Perfectly designed for queens to give birth and for around the clock nursing of kittens. Your PetTech Nesting Box is designed so mom can easily stand up and turn around comfortably and can leave the box as needed without kittens falling out.
PetTech Solutions Queening Boxes are 24″ x 24″ x 18″ and include solid and adjustable height front doors and leak-proof bottom pan. The adjustable height front door allows mom to leave the box and take a break from her kittens, while containing kittens safely and securely.
All Nesting box sets include:

3-tier height adjustable and solid front door and Leak-proof bottom pan


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