Nesting Boxes for Cats

24”x 24” x 18”

Ensure your Queen feels comfortable, protected, and secure while birthing and nursing her kittens in a PetTech Solutions Nesting box

A comfortable, secure, reusable, and completely leak-proof nesting box to keep queens and kittens safe, while protecting your floors.

Perfectly designed for queens to give birth and for around the clock nursing of kittens. Your PetTech Nesting Box is designed so mom can easily stand up and turn around comfortably and can leave the box as needed without kittens falling out.

Your PetTech Nesting Box ensures queens have a comfy and snug space for giving birth and nursing. Newborns stay safe, cozy, and warm and can not fall out, and it makes for a secure playground for kittens as they grow.

Disassembling your PetTech Nesting Box for storage is effortless and space saving as each box lays down flat and all parts fit into the bottom pan.

Each PetTech Nesting Box is hand welded for smooth edges and a safe environment with no small parts making it extremely easy to clean and disinfect.

Made with extremely durable and safe, food-grade HDPE 2 plastic.

HDPE is a durable, non-toxic material that is commonly used for food preparation, such as cutting boards and food storage. As a food grade plastic, it must meet certain standards of purity. These standards are determined and regulated in Canada by Health Canada and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. It cannot contain dyes, other additives or recycled plastic products deemed harmful to humans.

While non-food-grade HDPE may outgas or leach into their contents, food-grade plastics are of a higher purity.

$395.00 USD


Provide a sanctuary for your Queen and her kittens with PetTech Solutions Nesting Boxes. Ensuring comfort, security, and leak-proof protection for your floors.

Crafted for the utmost comfort and safety, our nesting boxes ensure Queens have ample space to birth and nurse their kittens. Designed for easy access, Queens can move freely while keeping newborns safe and warm inside.