VIS ScanPad +

Our most popular ultrasound system with dog and cat breeders, the VIS ScanPad+ offers a large, bright monitor, touchscreen features and easy, intuitive software. ScanPad+ is the perfect solution for beginners and those wanting to learn and adopt ultrasound. A reliable, safe, and high-quality ultrasound with North American service and support.

$2,635.00 USD

The latest evolution in the ScanPad portfolio – the UK’s best-selling ultrasound machine for small animal pregnancy detection, the VIS ScanPad+ has quickly become our most popular ultrasound with dog and cat breeders throughout North America. 

With an anti-flicker, high-resolution 15” touchscreen, interchangeable probes, up to 4 hours portable working time on a battery charge and ongoing AC power. The ScanPad+ includes a complete obstetrics and gynecology package for dogs, cats, and more. Based on fetal head size, your ScanPad+ will auto-calculate whelping dates for you. 

CE certified ensures a safe, high-quality machine that offers beautiful images and videos that you can easily upload to your computer to share on your website, social media or to update clients on your waitlist.

Your ScanPad+ Ultrasound includes one probe and a wheeled storage/transport case with a telescopic handle and pockets for probes, gel, cables, etc.

2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on ultrasound/ 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty on probes.

VIS Micro Convex Probe for ScanPad+ and ScanX

With a smaller footprint and higher frequency, this probe is ideal for, cat breeders and dog breeders scanning small to medium-sized dogs including taller dogs, such as Standard Poodles, etc. The micro-convex probe is best for small and medium-sized breeds that are leaner than the giant breeds, such as Saint Bernards, Newfoundlands, etc.

VIS Convex Probe for ScanPad+ and ScanX

This probe has a larger footprint than the micro-convex, and a lower frequency, giving it better penetration in larger breeds. This probe is the first choice for giant breed dogs that are large and have a lot of mass.


Cats, Dogs, Small Animals


Abdominal, All Small Animals, Cardiology, Pregnancy, Urology

Probe Type


External Ports

2 x USB

Number of Probe Ports


View Options


Monitor Size


Screen Type

LED anti-flicker HD screen

Operating Frequency

5-8.5MHz (micro convex); 2.5-5MHz (convex)

Battery Operating Time

About 3.5 hours

Battery Charge Time

About 6 hours

Frame Rate

341fps (dependant on sector width and depth)

Training Program


Warranty: 24 months

  • Bright, 15-inch-high resolution (1024*768) touchscreen monitor
  • Intuitive and user-friendly design.
  • Touchscreen technology.
  • B, M, 2B, B/M, and 4B scan modes.
  • CE Certified.
  • Includes comprehensive multi-species pre-sets for several animals and exam types including Gynecology and Obstetrics Settings in the Software – measure fetal head circumference to auto-calculate gestational age and time delivery dates, etc.
  • 3 probe ports available and several interchangeable probes.
  • Ports available to connect to larger screens, printers, upload scans and videos to your computer via USB port.

Determine pregnancies with unparalleled accuracy

Ultrasound offers a safe, comfortable, and convenient alternative to confirm pregnancy, fetal viability, and fetal growth without radiation exposure to mothers and puppies.

Breeders can learn to use ultrasound to successfully confirm pregnancy around 28 days post ovulation, get an idea of how many puppies or kittens to anticipate, know when a bitch has whelped her last puppy, and confirm and manage single puppy syndrome appropriately.

It can be costly, yes, and there is somewhat of a learning curve. But at PetTech (and our sister company ViiSona), we are committed to helping you every step of the way. Offering an array of financing options to get you started, all the way through ultrasound training and additional support, we are here to ensure your breeding success.